It's now time for Waco, Breaking Bad!

Via Chris Bend on YouTube
Via Chris Bend on YouTube

KWTX is reporting that 19 people were served arrest warrants Thursday in connection with a Waco area methamphetamine distribution operation.

They're accused of distributing what is being described as large amounts of meth throughout Waco and the surrounding area beginning in January of 2017.

About 9 pounds of methamphetamine was seized. The suspects will remain in custody pending detention hearing next week.

If you allegedly know any meth dealers in Temple, Belton, or Killeen, they might not make it to the BBQ this weekend. There's a whole city going to be looking for a new Heisenberg.

The list of those served include...Justin Rene Hernandez, 31, of Dallas; Devito Dembinsky, 30, of Waco; Decedreon Miller, 38, of Waco, and Jesus Juan Lopez, 41 of Waco, Rene Marquez Lopez, 42, of Waco; Peter Nino, 34, of Waco; Brandon Roy Stout, 34, of Waco; Lloyd Ray Gatlin, 44, of Waco; Cruz Oviedo, 26 of Austin; Kyle Anthony Baker, 33, of Waco; Juli Jenice Aleman, also known as Juli Jenice Garcia, 41, of Waco; Benito Rodriguez, 37, of Waco; Ricky Rivera, 43, of Waco; Juan Rivera, 39, of Waco; Shauna Gilstrap, 39, of Waco; James Leroy McMillion, 54, of Waco; Brent May, 55, of Whitney; Sandra Oviedo, also known as Sandra Cardenas, 25, of Austin, and Nicholas Charles Caufield, 43, of Waco.


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