An arrest has been made in the death of the AT&T lineman who was killed last April.

Via McLennan County Jail
Via McLennan County Jail

KWTX is reporting that Zachery Lamone McKee, 28, of Waco was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday. He was transferred to the McLennan County Jail, according to Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton.

If you remember, last April police found a AT&T lineman dead at the bottom of a pole. Initial thought was that he was electrocuted. But, futher examination and investigation of the body showed that it was murder as Kenneth Cleveland was stabbed at least 20 times.

Cleveland's daughter Amber said the family was elated to hear about the arrest. "We're all gathered together still processing the news of the arrest. (It's) by no means closure but a step in the right direction to start the healing process."


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