When you go into a Little Caesars and end up allegedly shooting someone, it's good to know that you will be arrested for something anyways.

Via Mclennan County Jail/KWTX
Via Mclennan County Jail/KWTX

KWTX is reporting that an arrest has been made in the alleged attempted robbery and shooting in the Little Caesars from earlier this week.

Leonard Black was arrested at a home in McGregor where he lives with his mother.

The arrest was made by the Beverly Hills police, alongside the McLennan County Sheriff's Office FAST Unit and the U.S. Marshals.

Beverly Hills Police Chief Thomas Schmidt says that Black was charged with aggravated robbery, but he will work with the McLennan County District Attorney's Office to see if any additional charges could be filed.

Beverly Hills police said Black is the only suspect and say he walked in the Little Caesars on South Valley Mills Drive Saturday afternoon to rob it.

As for evidence, well Chief Schmidt says GPS information from a vehicle shows Black close to the scene minutes before the shooting, and video shows him running away.

A tip Tuesday morning led to the arrest. Proving yet again, that there's nothing wrong with "Just the tip. Just the tip."



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