Our Monday got off to a wet, cool start, and by the time you clock out at work this afternoon it could be even colder out.

Meteorologist Sean Bellafiore with our partners at News 10 reports that a cold front that's made its way down from the arctic will bring temperatures in the upper 40's to Central Texas.

According to Sean's forecast, temperatures in Killeen and Temple will be at about 47F and 48F with high rain chances. By the time the sun's setting, temperatures will be on a slow descent into the lower 40s, and will only go up a few degrees by Tuesday afternoon. Rain chances will range from 30%-40% for most of the day, and will peak at 60% overnight Monday.

We're in for a chilly couple of days, so plan on making chili. Oh, and dig your warm coat and umbrella out of the closet.

Personally, this is welcome news to me. I absolutely love cold, rainy weather. I'm just that type of guy. I've lived in Texas my entire life, and even grew up in a house with no A/C, but I've never really gotten used to the heat. I live for the days when it's chilly and wet.

Of course, when the weather's like this, everyone should be inside where it's warm and cozy. That includes your pets. If you have any outdoor fur friends, make sure you either bring them inside or make sure they have a warm, dry shelter outside that's shielded from the wind. You may want to bring in any potted plants that are sensitive to the cold as well.

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