In case you haven't been following my online writings, I'm eating my way across the Central Texas area looking for great breakfast spots. As I mentioned in previous postings, I come from a culture where weekend breakfast is a very, very big deal. Brunches are almost an artform.

Folks, I'm doing you a favor: I'm identifying where you go to make your weekend that much better. And I can't think of a nicer place in Belton to chill then Fry's.  And I'm not talking about the electronics store.

Until today, I'd been trying to make it over to Fry's for quite some time. The issue has been parking. Located on Main Street in Belton, Fry's does not have a huge lot, and they share their space with an adjacent laundromat who has claimed a few of the prime spots in the lot.  I have been trying to get in on Sunday mornings, but decided today to see if Saturdays were just as busy. I arrived slightly before 10:00 AM Saturday, March 18, and while there were people in the restaurant, there were ample folks inside.

The space which the restaurant occupies appears to be an old 7-Eleven store. What they've done inside would make the folks at Home and Garden TV proud.  It was very comfortable, and I was ready to eat, so I pretty much would've sat on anything.

There were several breakfast combos on the menu, and I zeroed in on one that had pretty much every kind of meat available. I thought it was too much protein at one sitting. Then I looked at the steak and eggs combo. While tempted, I thought to myself I didn't want to spend steak prices this morning, reasonable though the price was.

After consulting with my very friendly waitress, I chose a pancake combo with sausage adding two scrambled eggs from the a la carte section.


Clearly, the buttermilk pancakes with the star of this breakfast. Emphasizing on the cake part of the word, man things were big!   Flavorful and fluffy they were. I was given three and could not finish them. That is extremely rare for a pancake fan like myself! Take a closer look at a pancake stack so fluffy, you could see where I first touch my fork.


The eggs were serviceable, and I garnished them with a sweet and spicy new variation of Tabasco sauce. Both the links and the eggs added to the meal.

After my meal, I realized what Megg's Café is to Temple, Fry's is to Belton. The menus are not exactly the same but the vibe is very similar.  Their menu is closer to Henderson's than Megg's which is geared towards foodies.  Henderson's and Fry's both root their menu in good ol' American sit-down food with a few nods to the bistro-based fanciness.

I was completely satisfied with my meal. Fry's does Belton proud!

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