Tis the season for giving. It's also the season for stringing lights.

Growing up the folks would buy some lights and string them up on the roof. It's not that I'm stupid, maybe a bit dim, but I didn't get it. What was the point? To show the Christmas spirit we have to outline the roof of our house with lights? Do we think that Jesus, or Santa can't see our house unless we set up landing lights for the sleigh? Hey, here's a thought. Why not take the money we're going to spend to light the house up, and buy the kids a nice gift?

"Oh, but the lights on the roof are the gift."

"Sorry Mom, but I could give two tugs on the lights."

Plus every year there's one house on the block that just goes too far. If you can be seen by the Aliens that hover around the moon, you've put too many lights up.

Then, people started synching up the lights to music, so their house started singing at sunset and pissed everyone off until 10 p.m. I'm trying to watch T.V. and Sven is playing every single version of Jingle Bells his Norwegian ass can find. That's it. I'm going to get the wire cutters.

Good news. Your chance to tick off the neighborhood and win a prize is happening in Killeen. You're all invited to participate in the annual Outdoor Decorating Contest. The public will select favorites.

Displays can include lighting, figures, animation and other festive features.

Entrants must submit the online application at KilleenTexas.gov/Volunteer with a photo by midnight December 10 to be considered. There is no cost to enter.

The public will vote on entries through an online survey December 12 through 16. First, second and third place winners will be announced December 20.

If you can get strippers dancing with the reindeer, I think you'll win.

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