We're only human. The less we have to work at something, the more we like it.

IF you want a blue water pool this summer, you're going to need to do one thing. Hack it!

Lisa Pack hated cleaning the pool so hard just to watch it turn green. Well, her daughter did a little research on Facebook and found this great idea that seems to work.

Just place one Mr. Clean Magic Eraser into your pool skimmer bucket. That crazy bald dude's foam square does the work and you get a clean pool.

Of course, these days, if you find something that works, you post it to Facebook. It went viral on her, and now everyone is learning something new.

If you like saving time, but like saving money even more, then you can buy bulk packages of melamine foam. They say it is the same thing, but a lot cheaper. 100 foam squares for under $5 on Amazon.


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