You would think that by now that they would've found everything there is to find at the Alamo.

Not so.

They don't want to go digging around, possibly destroying bits of history, if they don't have to. But you still have to take care of what you already have. So the city of San Antonio has set up a renovation project. One of the side notes of the project is to find out as much as possible about the site.

The renovation at the Alamo uncovered an exciting moment this past Friday. According to Wide Open Country, Archaeologists found an adobe brick wall. It's been dated back to the Spanish Colonial era. The bricks were about 8 inches below the current surface just south of the Crockett Building.

The hope is that this is the western wall from the original Alamo Complex. The head of the archaeological dig, Nesta Anderson, says that they can't confirm that as of yet. The brick wall could also be part of a nearby home or building, which would still be a significant find.

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