Nope. It's not what you think. College student posing with deadly creature usually screams booze and pills, not this time.

KENS5 is reporting that Makenzie Alexis Noland, of Abilene, is getting a viral response to her posing with the 14 ft gator known as Big Tex.

No, drugs, booze or a stupid dare was not involved. Allegedly. It seems Makenzie, who is studying wildlife ecology at A&M, has spent the summer as an intern at Gator Country, just west of Beaumont.

That being said, this thing would be more than happy to eat her toot sweet, because that's what they do. Although, that hat could be an swallowing issue. But if you go in head first, the nightmares for the rest of your life are nothing you want to think about.

Big Tex Gator

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