If you're kids score big during Halloween this year, steal some of their candy to brighten up the after dinner dessert.

Via Treat Factory on YouTube
Via Treat Factory on YouTube

Keep in mind I'm old. The reason I say that is because when I was a child trick-or-treater, there was no "fun" size. People gave out full size candy bars. We had 2 chances to go trick-or-treating. We lived in a small town, so we'd hit as much as the town as we could, then we'd go to the city to visit Grandma and blanket her neighborhood.

We didn't have any Jack-O-Lantern candy collectors. That tiny thing would be full after a few houses. No sir, we have to go out with pillowcases. When we'd finally get home we'd have to dump them in the living room to go through and make sure we didn't pick up any razor blades. At least that was the excuse the parents gave as they fingered they way through our stash. Incredibly the majority of our Reeses Peanutbutter cups would also disappear at this time. But once they were full, sorry, excuse me. Once the parents were "satisfied" the candy was safe, they would go to bed while we'd turned on the Pong machine and playe all night while shoving our faces with candy.

The folks would chase us to bed once one of us puked. I guess their thinking was that if they eat till they're sick, they'll stop eating. FOOLS!

This season, grab enough candy to help sweeten up your dessert menu. Here's a great idea for using up some of the Kit Kats this Halloween.

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