How would you like to own your very own candy factory? If your answer was "yes, I'd like that very much," then you'll need a gold ticket, and I know where you can get one.

If this sounds familiar it's because it is. Remember Willy Wonka? His Chocolate Factory? It's kinda being done in the same way.

According to The Takeout, David Klein is the founder of Jelly Belly jelly beans and he's ready to retire. So he's giving away one of his candy factories . . . Willy Wonka style.

He's hidden a special necklace in each state and for $50 you can get a ticket to a scavenger hunt for the necklace. If you find the necklace you'll instantly score $5,000 plus you'll be eligible to search for "The Ultimate Treasure," which is the key to your very own candy factory and tuition to a candy-making university.

So are you feeling lucky? You can get that ticket at

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