There's lots of crazy stuff going on right now during the global quarantine. A simple Google search will find you all kinds of insanity. But what about all the good things that are happening during this unprecedented time in our history? Believe it or not, there is some good news out there, so let's share some from right here in Texas.

Robert Gearty with FOX News reports that a special ed teacher in Dallas has decided to use his $1,200 stimulus check to make masks for his students.

His name is Ruben Caceres, and he was employed by the Dallas Independent School District until the recent closing of all schools forced him out of work. He's used his check and surplus of free time to do something for the kids he's dedicated his life to educating.

Ruben tells Gearty, “I wanted to make the masks for my kids. I wanted to give them something that they would be able to wear. So that if they wanted to take them outside, they would still be protected.”

He works with children who are disabled and medically fragile, and says he wishes he could put on a hazmat suit and get to working with these students again.

Ruben is also asking for donations of material to make more masks. He's looking for cotton dress shirts.

Know of a good news story you'd like to share? Send me the info at and I'll look into it.

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