If you love the Halloween season because of all the parties, well then, you're going to want to attend this one.

Via ThinkStock/Kesu01
Via ThinkStock/Kesu01

Our Studio sponsor, 7 Seas Vapor Company, will be holding their Halloween party on Friday, October 12th, and everyone is invited.

The theme is the Sad Jason Party, which means the corny horror films of the 80s.

There'll be plenty of scary prizes, games, costume contests and other giveaways. The cover is only a dollar.

The only kicker is that you have to be 18 or older to attend, and you have to have a valid identification to get in.

The party will begin at 6 p.m. and will go to at least 8 p.m. It could go longer if there are enough survivors of the first two hours.

Start the Halloween party season a great note with the 7 Seas Vapor Company, 501 West Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen.

Remember the theme is 80s horror films. Too bad for me I guess. I usually go as Wilson, the neighbor from Home Improvement. I got a little picket fence and I give out horrible advice all night. It's an award winner. Sure, it was a few years ago but still. A Classic is a Classic. And a Wiener is a Hot Dog.

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