In this day and age of negative news, it's nice to see something that makes people cry tears of happiness.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports that Lake Palestine in Bullard hosted the 6th Annual Adaptive Aquafest on Saturday, June 24th.

Ivellissee Perez of Spring, Texas, shed a few tears as she watched her son, Adrian, water ski across the lake.

You see, the Adaptive Aquafest offers people with disabilities a chance hit the lake and ski.

The event was held in honor of Mark Bryant. Mark was an big fan of water skiing, but became a paraplegic after an accident. He then took up the sport again after leaning about Texas Adaptive Aquatics.

Mr Bryant has since passed away, but his wife has teamed up with fellow aquatics enthusiast Mike Schovanec to host the event and give people a chance to experience the fun and joy that Mark felt.

The event also featured music, free food, and other events. Here's hoping that this event continues into the triple digits.

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