$50 will get you $5 million, if you're lucky as hell.

Via Texas Lottery
Via Texas Lottery

A resident from San Antonio has a little more disposable income thanks to a $50 dollar investment in a scratch off ticket.

The Texas Lottery announced that anonymous claimed the top prize in the Ultimate Millions Scratch Off Game. I don't know who this "anonymous" is, but they win a lot.

What we do know is that the ticket was purchased in the Kerr Villa Kountry Store in Kerrville. Which, by the way, will get some scratch themselves. For selling the sucker...sorry, player, the ticket the store received a $10,000 retailer bonus.

It turns out that the Ultimate Millions game offers more than $139.8 million in total prizes. Overall odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 3.16, including break-even prizes. According to the Texas Lottery.

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