With Halloween only a few days away, the demand for horror movies is nearing its peak. Unfortunately, finding new horror movies that are worth watching isn't always easy.  Here are some solid, somewhat under-the-radar horror choices (all of which you can find on Netflix).


4. Hush (2016, 1h 27m)

Hush is a unique twist on the classic "house in the woods" trope. It features a masked attacker who visits a woman living by herself in the woods. What makes this one different? The woman is deaf and mute. The movie uses sound (and a lack of it) to create a tense environment from the start. Add in a main character who is surprisingly resourceful and a runtime under an hour and a half, and Hush easily earns it's "worth watching" status.


3. The Babysitter (2017, 1h 25m)

The Babysitter is really more of a dark comedy than a true horror film, and it's definitely worth a try. It sometimes feels like it was written by a 14 year old boy living out his nightmare fantasy of devil cults and hot babysitters, but that also gives it a sort of charm that lets you know it's okay to not take it entirely seriously. This is another one that benefits from its short runtime. If you go in expecting to be terrified, you'll probably be disappointed. If you go in ready for a fun, bloody surprise, you'll love The Babysitter.


2. Holidays (2016, 1h 45m)

Holidays is a little bit longer than the last two entries on this list, but that is a little bit misleading. This title is actually eight different short films, each about 10-15 minutes long. Each short is based on a different holiday, covering Valentines, St. Patrick's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween,  Christmas, and New Year's Eve. St Patrick's and Easter deliver incredibly unique and unnerving takes on their holidays, while Christmas and New Year's manage to bring a little bit of humor into an otherwise dark lineup.


1. Clown (2014, 1h 40m)

After watching Holidays, I was pretty certain it would earn the top spot on this list. Then, Clown made me want to hide under my covers in the middle of the afternoon. While Holidays is able to justify its length with diversity, Clown earns its runtime through gripping suspense. There were times where the tension was so thick that I felt like screaming at the TV screen.

Clown is about a man who finds an old clown suit in one of his properties, and after putting it on for his son's birthday party, isn't able to take it off. Clown takes you on a terrifying, unexpected journey, and it will send you off with a lasting feeling of unease.


Bonus Round: The "Watch It for a Laugh" Category

Most Likely to Die (2015, 1h 30m)

Most Likely to Die is...terrible. It's not quite on the level of being truly "so bad it's good", but it's definitely bad enough that it's worth watching to laugh at it. It's also apparently brought to us by Shiner Bock, based on the number of labels shown on screen.

It's about a group of friends from high school who meet back up at a vacation house the day before their 10-year high school reunion. It gets off to a racing start, featuring both a striptease and a death all in the first seven minutes. That sets the tone for what continues to be an hour and a half of awful acting, bad story, and no real scare factor. Keeping all of that in mind, it's not the worst thing ever.

Double Bonus: KRock Stalker

We recently had a security incident at the KRock studios. Luckily for you, it was all caught on camera.


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