Your help is needed to help find a missing 14-year-old Texas girl.

KENS5 in San Antonio is reporting that David Lindow, a local pastor of First Baptist Church Universal City, is asking for help to find his missing 14-year-old daughter.

His 14-year-old daughter Mikayla left the house willingly, they don't know why. She left without her phone. They believe that she met someone online.

Her father claims that she doesn't sleep over with anyone and she doesn't run off with friends. That's not who she is so they believe she has to be with someone she has very limited knowledge of.

This is a problem that the Heidi Search Center says is common. They are assisting the family to look for Mikayla. The family has also filed a police report, spoken with a detective, and handed over her phone to the police in hopes of getting some type of idea who's been in contact with her.

If you have any information about Mikayla you can contact the Cibolo police at 210-334-7120, or you can email

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