One way you can tell you're getting older, besides the flabby middle or hair loss, is that fads from when you were younger start to come back like the dead in a zombie movie.

If you hit the bars for the first time in the 90's, odds are you were pestered into drinking a Zima. No one knows why this was a popular drink. It tasted horrible so for us to be even talking about it in the first place means that they had a good ad Campaign.

OK, an average add campaign, but somehow effective nonetheless.

Clear Malt Liquor. Get lit quick while looking like you're drinking soda water. That's a good idea. Was this something to help you "cool" down when the ecstasy wore off?

Whatever the reason, since the 90s are now a "nostalgic" decade, the Zima Zombie will be returning this Fourth of July weekend. This brings up the question young people have to ask themselves, which was the same question the original 90's young people asked:

"Is it safe to order a Zima in Texas?"

We like to think our society has become more tolerant and inclusive over the past couple of decades, but can we accept the return of Zima?

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