Delicious food can now appear at your door for delivery through the Whataburger app.

According to a press release from Whataburger, the fast food chain is now offering delivery. Gone are the days when you had to climb into your car and drive to your nearest Whataburger to order your food.

Since the spread of COVID-19, restaurants across the nation have been forced to adapt and change their normal operations. To limit the spread of the virus, restaurants have been offering curbside pick-up and delivery, and now Whataburger is joining in as well.

Personally, I always find Whataburger super packed! I've recently began ordering curbside pick-up which is typically available from 8 AM to 8 PM, and I have to say, it is fantastic!

Using the Whataburger app you can customize your food exactly the way you like it, and now you can select "delivery" as your pick-up option.

Will you be trying out delivery through the Whataburger app any time soon?

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