So if you plan on riding out the Coronavirus in the comfort of your own home, you may need a couple of items. Here's a great list of things you may want to think about from Huffington Post

Basically, you want to treat each trip to the grocery store as if it would need to last you two to four weeks.  Because if you get put into a two-week quarantine, it will be too late to stock up.  But that doesn't mean you need to go overboard . . .

1.  Take inventory of what you already have.  Chances are you might already have enough food stashed in your fridge and pantry to get you through a couple weeks. But if your cupboards are looking skim, some good basics are rice, pasta, oats, beans, and canned vegetables.  They're versatile AND they have a long shelf life.

2.  Plan meals with common ingredients.  Take your ingredients with a long shelf life like rice, pasta, or beans, and then mix in whatever fresh meat and vegetables you have available.

3.  Use your freezer.  The biggest issue you'll run into when stocking up is keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.  Apples, oranges, and pears are fruits that can last a while and for veggies, go for onions, potatoes, squash, and carrots.

4.  Skip the junk food.  Especially if you have kids in the house.  Stuff that's easy to grab, like chips, cookies, and granola bars will be the first thing you snack on if you get stuck at home for two weeks.  And even though it's convenient, there's not much nutritional value.

I guess it's too late to stock up on toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer but if you find some out there, buy may need it.

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