I love UFO sightings, especially when the local news captures an eyewitness. Alas, this is not that.

It's a good piece of editing on the part of Benny KeyRose. He took an actual news report and inserted himself as the eye witness.

When I saw the superimposed chyron over the KSAT 12 logo, my heart sank. I was so excited about the perfect UFO witness.

Please watch this and take notes, because if you ever do see a UFO, and are then interviewed by local news, these are the exact things you need to say.

To review, always try to work in the phrases "up the butt", "put on the foil", or "put on the aluminum" when being interviewed by local news after a UFO sighting. Also make sure you make reference to your drinking and smoking habits. And, as a bonus, blame the Chinese.

Thank you Benny KeyRose. Excellent job, sir. I laughed out loud multiple times. I hope you fool a lot of people.

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