The city of Tyler, Texas has come to the end of a two-year application process for its municipal rose garden to be officially recognized as a national treasure.

CBS19 reports that on October 17th the city will hold a celebration for this historic moment. It will be reserved as part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The town of just over 100,000 is creating an even larger footprint in history. Check the Video to learn all about the beautiful garden.

My older sister, Teal just made a trip up to Richmond, Virginia and visited the Japanese garden up there and the pictures she shared are stunning.

garden 3
garden 2
Garden 1

But since Tyler is just a day trip away I'm more likely to visit here first. Plus, it's a national treasure, is Richmond a national treasure Teal?? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I hope security is high in Tyler now that the garden is a national treasure, American Oscar-winning actor Nicolas cage is going to try to steal it!

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