You know Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday.  Then Monday, it’s Spring Break for most of our area schools.  Oops, kinda snuck up on ya huh?

Next time check the calendar.

Okay, you know they have day camps and things like that so you have child care options. Whether it's Killeen, Harker Heights, Fort Hood, Temple, or Belton, somebody will take care of the kids.

Well how about you spending some time with the young ones?

I have a great idea, take them to the Junior Service League of Killeen Spray Park at Long Branch in Killeen.  It opens this Saturday.  Yes it really does!


City of Killeen Government Facebook Page
City of Killeen Government Facebook Page


I thought the same thing. Are They Crazee?  I have no idea, all I know is the Spray Park is opening, I double checked.


I got the word from the city of Killeen. They double checked too, and the Junior League Spray Park opens for the season this Saturday, March 8.  After that it will be open every day from 8:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. through October.


Don't let the cold weather deter you.  I dare you to visit the spray park on Saturday. What a nice thrill for the kids.


You could start a neighborhood tradition with the rest of the families.  The Polar Bear Club of Central Texas!


Meanwhile, I'll be watching from the comfort of my nice warm car!


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