I'm going home for the holidays this year. If I were staying in Texas, you know damn well this would've been my Thanksgiving Meal.

My God! What a perfect meal. The Turkey. The Stuffing, The Mashed Potatoes, The Pie! You can get it all in chip form.

I remember growing up and the hell the family would go through during Thanksgiving. My mom has 4 sisters, and each one would get a holiday. Somehow my mom always landed Thanksgiving. A week before she would clean the house, and God help you if you made a mess before Grandma came and gave mom the thumbs up on her home.

"Oh Rose. Your home looks great. But I did see some pee stains around the basement toilet."

And suddenly I could no longer have any Pecan Pie.

"But Mom!"

"Don't "But Mom me young man." I'm not giving you any Pecan Pie.  Why should I give you the P.P. when you can't handle you single pee. Plus, you're doing the dishes this year."

Man did I hate dishes.

Now Pringles comes out with the perfect Thanksgiving meal. No clean-up required. Just brush the excess chips on the floor and the ants clean it up. Happy Holidays.

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