Texas is the last state to have a World War Ship.

As time passes, people pass away, and with them, a little piece of history. Right now there is only one remaining war ship that served in both World Wars.

It's the U.S.S. Texas, and it's available to tour for all you history buffs. Taking the tour will transport you back in time like a bad prime time show on NBC. Well, not that bad. The journey will give you some more pride in your country, and that's something we could all use a little more these days.

The U.S.S. Texas became the first Warship Museum in America back in 1948. Interesting tidbit of information for you. It was the first battleship to launch an aircraft.

What I find amazing about this type of history. Those little old men you see at the mall, or the grocery store early in the morning. They were once the young men who stood on the deck of battleships like the U.S.S. Texas, firing the guns to keep the world safe.


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