A Temple woman is trying to get the word out about an experience that terrified her and her cousin as they shopped at the local Walmart store on S. 31st street.

KCENTV.com reports Tiffany Toliver was shopping at the Temple Walmart when she noticed a man had following her party around the store. She told KCEN that this man signaled to a second man that he seemed to like the people he was following. Soon, the second man, along with a third man, began to follow Toliver and her family members around the store. You can see her account of what happened below.

Toliver says the men did not seem to care that the women knew they were being followed. That's when she did something very smart. She asked the Walmart employees to escort her party to their vehicle in the parking lot when she noticed the men had followed her outside of the store.

Temple Police have offered some advice to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Officer Ellen Morton told KCEN that anyone who is uncomfortable with what's happening in their surroundings can call 9-1-1. She advised not to try to carry armfuls of bags to your car as it makes it harder to defend yourself. She also said to know where the panic button on your car keys is located so you can sound an alarm in the event you run into trouble.

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