When you're stuck in a car for 10 hours a day, your imagination can get away from you.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
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I traveled a lot when I entered the work force. All my friends saved their money, but I spent it as soon as I got it.

If I had a long weekend I'd jump and the car and just drive. I even joined the Army so I could see Europe.

Now that we're all circling the retirement toilet, my friends are traveling more while I'd rather just stay home. When I travel 1300 miles this past Thanksgiving I started to think...

"How many bodies have I passed in the ditches of Kansas and Nebraska? Did I get gas across from a serial killer?"

On the way back I stopped at gas station and a heavy set bearded trucker, who parked way off in the distance, asked me where I was coming from that I had snow and ice on my vehicle. I said Nebraska and Kansas. Those are fun states he said. It was that point that I knew he had a young girl ducked taped and drugged in his cab. Fun states? Really? Only fun for killers.

Turns out you'll run into around 10 killers in your lifetime. I just assume that everyone is a killer. It makes me safer that way.

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