A Waco hospice patient got his dream Cowboy weekend.

According to KWTX, an anonymous donor gave Rob Routly, who's suffering from Huntington's disease - tickets, a suite, and free food and drinks for his family at the Dallas Cowboys game this past weekend.

He picked a good weekend for it, as the Cowboys won at home for the first time in over a year.

According to his mother, Rob has been a Cowboy fan all his life, even though he grew up in Michigan. He can recall pretty much all past scores. He can name the players and their numbers. He can even list the players injuries.

Routly told his nurse at the Southern Care Hospice in Waco, Jacque Harris, that he wanted to see his Cowboys play in person, she jumped on Facebook to see if she could make it happen.

Almost instantly she got a response from an anonymous donor who provided the tickets, a suite and refreshments for, not only for Routly, but also his entire care team. They even got a limo up to AT&T Stadium. Central Texas at it again with respect to making small differences everyday in our community.

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