Uh,oh. Somebody made a boo-boo.

But hey, mistakes happen!

Killeen ISD officials owned up to a big mistake made by miscounting the number of students needing devices for online learning.

On their Facebook page yesterday, while providing further instruction for the start-up of virtual learning today, KISD Spokesperson Taina Maya apologized or the inconvenience and said this mistake won't impact student's attendance or academics.

KWTX reports that the district is considering a few options, including bringing back face to face instruction early, and asking parents if they have their own devices to give the district back theirs so those students without can have one.

The miscalculation occurred because of a survey sent out by the district, only accounting for one device per family and only asking those who said they wanted virtual learning if they needed a device.

However, the survey didn't include a scenario for everyone to learn virtually, and that's where the problem lies.

As districts work to make the transition back to school during this pandemic, mistakes like this are bound to pop up. Let's try to give our area teachers and school administrators our support and patience. They've never dealt with a situation like this before.

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