Coming home to find that your house has been burglarized is an awful enough feeling, but seeing it happen must really hurt.

I can't imagine how Vanessa Rodriguez felt when she watched a recording captured by her Killeen home's Ring camera showing two men kicking down her door in broad daylight.

The footage is disturbing not only because of the time of day, but because the men seem, to me at least, determined to get into a place they've cased beforehand. Police haven't said that's what happened; it's just a feeling I get watching the footage.

Rodriguez tells our partners at News 10 she was at a doctor's appointment with her children when the break-in occurred around 10 AM Thursday, December 12. When she got home, she found her door wide open and several electronics and pieces of jewelry missing, including her wedding ring.

She and her family have been staying with relatives since the burglary, and Rodriguez says they're afraid to return home. If they do, they plan to install a stronger door and more security measures.

Rodriguez tells News 10 she never though something like this would happen in her neighborhood, and it just goes to show it can happen anywhere.

Police haven't picked up any suspects, but neighbors said they saw a suspicious blue hatchback sedan in the area and that one of the passengers may have been one of the people captured by the Ring camera.

If you have any information that might help police find the two thieves, please give Killeen PD a call at (254) 501-8830.

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