There's almost no better place to cool off in Texas than at the waterpark. Jumping into the water while in the sun just feels so good on the skin. Thankfully there are many spots to cool off from the heat. Not only are these waterparks well loved by us in Texas, but MANY people too.

Where are the best waterparks in Texas?

One name that Texas is definitely familiar with is Schlitterbahn's; which opened up in New Branfuels, Texas. There's only 2 in the entire state; one in Galveston and the other in New Branfuels. The latter of course is the one where people LOVE going to; it's been named the "World's Best Water Park" for many years.

But if you want to enjoy a waterpark while inside, there are some to enjoy too. Like the Kahalari Water Park in Round Rock, Texas is one that people enjoy going to. With over 80,000 square feet, it is the LARGEST indoor water park in Texas...for now.

Of course us living in El Paso, we have our own waterparks to enjoy too: Wet 'N' Wild Waterworld in Anthony, The Elmont Resort's Swim Club on the west side & the city's water parks are always great choices.


But there are MANY more you can enjoy in Texas; so if you want to plan a road trip to cool off in the summer, here are some future spots for you and the family to check out.

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