Did you know Walmart is attempting to settle a massive $45 million obligation to payback thousands for overcharging customers in Texas and across the United States for the past 5 years? Apparently their stores were really cleaning up in the self checkout lines because hundreds of machines were ringing up droves of items incorrectly, especially if they were weighted items like produce or meat.

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Walmart like many stores have been attempting to save money and man hours by cutting their checkout staff with the implementation of self service kiosks. Apparently, not only was Walmart not passing on self checkout savings to customers, but they were having their patrons overcharge their self as well for over a half decade.

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Honestly, if the guests knew they were going to get gouged at the store, they most lilkey would have gladly taken that beating via Door Dash or Instacart.

Texas Walmart Customers Entitled To Chunk Of Massive New Settlement

According to the this CNET article, Walmart is reimbursing a total of $45 million to customers from October 2018 through late January this year. You do not even have to produce a receipt, but you do have to file a claim that has to be completed by the end of June 5, 2024.

If you are like my nearly 80 year old dad, who was self employed almost his entire adult life, and save all of your receipts, you could end up as much as $500.

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