When you are needing to feed your Texas family in a hurry, but still need enough for gas money to get home, then you are going to want to steer clear of this restaurant which can be challenging because they are all over the place. In fact, the most overpriced fast food joint in the Lone Star State currently has 465 locations, and their prices do not appear to be improving any time soon.

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Then again, as you can see in the article listed above, if you are not willing to jack up your prices, you very well could find a massive amount of your restaurants drop like flies overnight. There are retail businesses across the board that are closing up from bank branches to clothing stores, and of course restaurants.

Personally, my wife and I can skip drive through food entirely, so the restaurant decision usually defaults to what the three kids want. Being a dad, you are probably not surprised that I try to lead the kids' choice towards whatever kid's meal options are cheapest.

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The Most Overpriced Restaurant Now Has Over 450 Texas Locations

That's right, Wendy's and their current 465 Texas locations has the most overpriced food and they have increased prices at a larger rate than the recent inflation percentage scales indicate.

There had been reports that Wendy's would even attempt to raise prices even more with surge pricing, but that has since been shot down.

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