Belon, Texas authorities were able to identify the body of a man pulled from Nolan Creek on Monday evening as Austin resident Arturo Chagolla, and he was pronounced dead there at the scene by Justice of the Peace Cliff Coleman from Bell County Texas Precinct 2.

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Holiday weekends often prove to be a catalyst for an uptick in deaths during the summer. You often have large gatherings that prove to be magnets for accidents, animal attacks, and shootings.

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No matter what the circumstances, tragedy can strike anywhere, and for the family of Chagolla, who was only 55, they had to receive the news last night.

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According to this KXAN article, the call came in just before 9 PM on Monday night, July 8th.

New Body Pulled From Nolan Creek Was Austin, Texas Man

Witnesses told authorities that they saw Chagolla jump into the creek voluntarily in an attempt to swim, but he was believed to have been swept away because of the current in the water. First responders attempted to aid Chagolla with CPR, but they were unable to revive him, and that is when he was declared deceased before ever becoming able to be transported to a local hospital.

As this accident occurred just after sunset, it has not been shared whether or not visibility was a contributing factor to the passing of Chagolla.

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