Sometimes in the state of Texas, we all feel pretty lucky.

How do we feel lucky you ask? Well, we could get the last item at the store we desperately need, or perhaps we get that perfect parking spot right next to store. There's plenty of examples to mention.

There's one major thing the requires quite a lot of luck for one to win of course, and that is none other than playing the lottery. We've seen countless big wins in the Lone Star State lottery, but it seems so easy when somebody claims victory doesn't it? Is it truly that simple to win though?

As it turns out, it's easier said than done. How do we know? There's data to prove so!

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Winning The Lottery In Texas? Harder Than It Looks!

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To find out, CW33 has the answer. Per data revealed recently, Texans might need to find more four leaf clovers to increase their chances of winning the big bucks. They even provided a video on what is easy to do in the Lone Star State besides winning the lotto:

It is reported that the state of Texas is ranked in the bottom ten for luck. So much so that the reported odds of winning are 0.5 per 1 million people! So winning the lottery in Texas is simply harder than one expects.

How many Texans have actually won you ask? Well, over the history of 32 years, two Power Ball and 14 Mega Millions winners have been reported. Looks like we shouldn't quit our day jobs!

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