There's plenty to consider when one is moving to Texas.

Among the things one thinks about when moving to the Lone Star State is one big question: "Is it right for me?" The answer most of the time? It's an absolute yes.

The state offers so much to individuals it's not a surprise that many make themselves new Texans. Sometimes, major world events play into one moving to Texas. This was proven true a few years ago, when individuals moved to the Lone Star State due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Per GoBanking Rates, Texas was second in the nation for people moving to the state during the pandemic. But those people now are rethinking the decision. Why?

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Some Texans Rethinking The Reason For Moving To The State


GoBankingRates revealed the seven major factors that have caused some to question their moving to the state. As stated from Olson Home Buyers by Jolean Olson:

“While Texas offers numerous benefits, such as a lower cost of living, no state income tax and a thriving job market, there are also challenges and downsides that have become apparent to some new residents.”

The seven main reasons are as follows, as communicated by GoBankingRates:

- Cultural and Lifestyle Adjustments
- Employment Market Realities
- Education System Concerns
- Higher Property Taxes
- Housing Market Pressures
- Infrastructure and Public Services
- Weather Extremes

Olsen also stated: “Understanding the full scope of life in Texas, beyond the appealing headlines, is essential for making an informed decision." So before you move to Texas, make sure you're ready!

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