The renaming of Fort Hood has been discussed at length by multiple individuals since it was announced. The main question became when the name change would occur. Now, residents of Central Texas will know definitively when the renaming will take place.

Origins Of The Name Change

For those unaware of when the name change was suggested, back in 2021, the Naming Commission submitted General Richard Cavazos as the individual the base should be named after due to his accomplishments while serving. This is one of the nine changes coming to various bases around the nation due to the Commission's proposal to remove Confederate Ties to certain military institutions.

The report stated that: "As a veteran of two modern wars and a longtime leader of Soldiers, GEN Richard Cavazos’ service demonstrates excellence at every level. His twentieth-century service will inspire Soldiers as they continue those traditions of excellence into the twenty-first century."

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The name change was approved, and now we know exactly when the name changing ceremony will take place.

Fort Hood To Become Fort Cavazos Soon

According to a release by the Fort Hood Press Center, the commemoration will occur on May 9th. It will not be open the public, but invited guests and media will be in attendance. It will however, be streamed so that Texans can watch the unveiling.

Will be watching the stream of the name change? What are your thoughts on the official change? Let us know by sending us a message on our station app.

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