It's sometimes rare to see Texans rather upset with the Lone Star original known as Buc-ee's. I mean, how can a cute beaver make anyone mad? Well, for one thing, sometimes prices of items could be viewed as a bit too hard to chew.

We've all seen food items that some believe are priced unfairly. Whether is be based on ingredients, or the size of the item itself, there are various reasons for issues. Some patrons at Buc-ee's have called into question the Big Buckin' Brisket Sandwich XXL.

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The Post That Started The Debate

One post in the Facebook group "Everything New Braunfels Texas" began the discussion regarding the food item. The user shared a photo of the sandwhich, with the price of it sitting at $12.99. This of course brought many opinions regarding the cost of the snack.

Some took to the defense of Buc-ee's, stating that the amount of product justified the price tag, and others cited the growing cost of meat. On the flip side of the coin, other people agreed the pricing of the item was unfair, with some saying Buc-ee's BBQ simply wasn't the best in the first place.

One thing has certainly been confirmed though: nothing brings Texans together like, you guessed it, a Buc-ee's item. So we turn the question over to you.

Is $13 too much for a sandwich to purchase at Buc-ee's? Let us by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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