A 19 year old individual in Belton, Texas stands accused of lottery fraud. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Jayleigh Marie Jackson's Alleged Crimes

As reported by FOX 44, Jayleigh Marie Jackson was recently taken into custody. Per the arrest affidavit, police were alerted to a situation at a CEFCO convenience store on May 10th of this year. It was described as the theft of multiple books of lottery tickets.

The overall worth of the tickets was revealed to be $2,600. Another inquiry by the Texas Lottery Commission revealed that the previous day, May 9th, said tickets were authenticated at two other CEFCOs in Belton.

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Following an investigation, police sought Jackson. After law enforcement in Texas acquired a warrant for her arrest, she was was placed under arrest. FOX 44 revealed The Texas Lottery is able to recognize when a lottery ticket is not verified,

In addition, the terminal is able to determine when the ticket is not valid, and marks the moment. Additionally, photographs are taken of the person attempting to verify the ticket.

At the time of writing, Jackson was taken to the Bell County Jail.  If you suspect someone is committing Lottery Fraud, you can report it here directly. You can also read the amount of times frauds were suspected via the Texas Lottery Commission.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information about this story if it becomes available.

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