A woman on Reddit is shocked that her former in-laws won't stop harassing her for her late husband's belongings three years after his death.

"We were together for [nine years], married for [four years] at the time of his passing. He never had a great relationship with his parents and he was very vocal about that to all of our friends. My husband [and] I kept our finances very private and did not share much with his parents, as my husband did not want them to be involved," she wrote on Reddit.

Although her late husband's parents were "well-off," the couple never asked them for any financial assistance. When the woman's husband died, she "had some legal issues [and] his parents did have to sign a document as [they] did not have a living will. They hesitated [and] his mom kept making snarky comments about the car [she] drives and shoes [she] buys. It was resolved eventually, but ... the process just gave [her] a bitter feeling."

His parents then "waited to see if their names were listed as beneficiary for any accounts [the couple] had [and] after it was confirmed that they were not, they stopped contacting [her]." It had been a few years since her late husband's family contacted her, but they recently got in touch when they learned she was finally seeing someone new.

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"It’s become a 'why should she have anything from our son' mentality. I also lost my mom about six months ago. A few weeks ago his parents called [and] demanded I give them all the wedding jewelry back that was received for our 2017 wedding as it is not mine and belongs to HIS MOM," she detailed, adding that all the wedding gifts were from guests who attended the wedding — not her late husband's parents.

"They did not even show up to my mother's funeral or call me. They are also claiming that the home we had isn't even mine as 'their son put the down payment.' Untrue as my parents had helped us put a large amount of the down payment for that home, but my husband never shared that with his parents since we never wanted to rub it in their faces. They also think that their son funded everything and our entire lifestyle, which is another lie as we had built our life with money that was made by both of us, not just him," she continued.

The woman believes the belongings she and her late husband accumulated during their marriage are rightfully hers.

"His mother has been harassing and calling my family [and] it has been non-stop comments to the point where she questioned my upbringing that my deceased mother gave me. All my family members think they are disgusting to do this to their son's widow, but it also gets awkward as we are trying to be mindful that they lost their son," the frustrated woman concluded.

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Users in the comments section blasted the woman's former in-laws, with many suggesting she cut off all contact with them.

"Time to go NO CONTACT. No kids for old mother-in-law to claim, so she has no claim on your life. There is now no reason to stay in contact. If their love for you does not continue because their son died then you would not be in the wrong to cut these people out of your life. You owe them nothing," one person wrote.

"Your husband couldn’t stand his parents and kept them at a distance. I would even go as far as saying giving them anything would be a slap in his face. Respect his wishes," another chimed in.

"Everybody processes grief differently. Any gifts they have given are your legal property. I would get a lawyer's letter asking them to stop contacting you," someone else advised.

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