A woman on Reddit is refusing to share her husband's inheritance payout with her mother-in-law. 

The woman begins her story by saying that her husband lost his father recently that neither her husband, nor his brother saw much of an inheritance payout due to her mother-in-law.

"My husband lost his father recently and when he did my husband and his brother never saw so much as a dime from his inheritance. His wife (my MIL) is still living and collected EVERYTHING. My husband’s grandfather (the deceased’s father) has since then said that he will be rewriting his will and testament to reflect such changes," the woman said.

She is upset with the mother-in-law and does not want to pay her much money if she does not have to.

"MIL made the comment yesterday that if he writes her out of the will (since his son is gone and that was his only relation to my MIL) 'that’s fine you guys will just have to share with me.' Am I mean for thinking that if that ends up being the case I really just don’t want to give her that much. She has a paid off home, car, 401k and everything she needs and we’re young and married and starting a family and have student debt and I think it’s cruel she expects us to share after she didn’t give us anything from their father," she shared before asking what the appropriate way would be to handle the situation.

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People in the comments section shared that the woman was not wrong for not wanting to give her mother-in-law much money.

"It not MIL's money (it's not your money) it's grandpa's money. He can will it to whoever he wants to. The percentage of his estate that her kids deserve is 0% above the amount specified in the will," one person said.

"Zero percentage is the appropriate amount she's owed from someone else's inheritance," shared someone else.

"If grandfather leaves it to your husband then your husband decides. If he wanted to leave her anything he would have. Why on earth would they/you give MIL anything?" questioned a different Reddit user.

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