A 25-year-old pregnant woman on Reddit is upset after her "reckless" 31-year-old boyfriend chose to buy a PS5 despite them struggling financially and unable to pay all their bills.

"I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant... My boyfriend and I have had communication issues for a while where he feels I’m a nag and shuts down whenever I try to address issues I feel we have and we never get anything solved, he feels they are my issues alone. Well the last straw for me has been that we finally got some extra money which helps because we have been struggling financially for a while and he saw this as an opportunity to buy a PS5," she wrote via Reddit.

"I would have wanted to save that money to start building up our savings or buy a car because I don’t want to be car-less by the time the baby comes, but regardless I would have enjoyed for both of us to come up with the most beneficial way to use the extra money and I feel he chose himself over his family," the expectant mom-to-be continued.

Now, she is unsure how certain bills are going to get paid as well as feeling insecure about the future.

"His mother has not contacted me majority of the whole pregnancy which has led me to feel a bit salty and [I] thought she would have checked on me to see if I needed anything ... My parents are financially unstable and always have been and live too far to really help me and I don’t know who to talk to or where to turn," she concluded her post.

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Users in the comments section blasted the young woman's irresponsible boyfriend.

"You guys don’t have a car? I’m all for buying a gaming system, but if you don’t have a car and a baby is on the way that’s pretty negligent on his part. You’re going to need a ride to the hospital to give birth. You’re going to need a ride to go to check ups. This just shows where his priorities are. Family is after his own selfish needs," one person wrote.

"Leave him. Leave him now before you end up working full-time and being a single mom anyway. If he's this way now it's going to be even worse once you have a needy baby," another chimed in.

"Sell it on Facebook while he's not home and pay your bills. And um, leave this man," someone else advised.

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