A man on Reddit thinks he may have gone "too far" by telling his step-daughter to ask her dead biological dad to pay for her wedding.

"My now-wife divorced her ex when her three kids were young. He was an addict. She met me a few years later, and we dated for two years before she introduced me to her kids. Two kids really hit it off and Kelly did not like me," the man wrote.

He noted that his step-daughter has always been "passive aggressive" toward him, which got "much worse when her dad passed away."

"She did not take it well and resulted in a lot of outbursts. I wasn't living there at this time. She went into therapy but overall didn't seem like it helped. She threatened to run away if I married their mom. So I stayed away but continued to date their mom. Over time, the two other kids started to stay at my place in order to get away from the drama. It was a rough time for them and we bonded even more," the man shared.

When Kelly turned 18, he and her mom decided to stop putting their "life on hold" and got married.

"Kelly hated this. The other kids were happy though. Every interaction I have had with her has been unpleasant and I don't not see her as one of my kids. I eventually adopted her siblings when they were 16 and 17. They asked me. During that time she destroyed a lot of her siblings' stuff for betraying their dad," the man recalled.

He rarely sees his step-daughter, and admitted that he prefers it that way. However, since he paid for the other two kids' weddings, Kelly asked if he would pay for hers as well.

"I told her no. This started an argument about how it's unfair. I had enough and told her to have her dad pay for the wedding. She hung up after some lovely names," the man concluded.

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Users sympathized with the man in the comments, but many called him out for his harsh comment.

"Yeah it was a stupid, hurtful and immature thing to say, but I get it. I understand this was the oldest girl and probably closest to her father and of course, she probably resented the divorce, but that’s something you should grow out of," one person wrote.

"You had the right to explode, but don’t expect her to ever even attempt to maintain a relationship with you now, and don’t be shocked if her mother loses a lot of contact too," another commented.

"Kelly obviously took it too far by practically forbidding her mom from moving on and for punishing her siblings for deciding to bond with you, but still, having a dead parent is something traumatic and you bringing it up just to make a point in an argument is really low," someone else chimed in.

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