In Texas, you can carry a firearm in many different places. Texas has Constitutional Carry and both Open and Concealed Carry laws. Citizens can also get their Concealed Handgun License in addition to being able to carry without a license.

However, there are some places you are not allowed to carry a firearm in Texas. Just about all of these places have signs up telling you that you are not allowed to carry. Though some places will have signs that say something to the effect of "No Guns Allowed except as permitted by state or federal law". In that case, those with a license to carry would be allowed to carry a firearm.

A quick search online shows that most cemeteries do allow people to carry firearms, but the best thing to do is to either call and ask or just look for signs at the entrance of the cemetery.

One notable exception are National Cemeteries located in Texas. National Cemeteries do prevent firearms according to the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

VA regulations 38 CFR 1.218 prohibit the carrying of firearms (either openly or concealed), explosives or other dangerous or deadly weapons while on VA property, except for official purposes, such as military funeral honors.

Possession of firearms on any property under the charge and control of VA is prohibited. Offenders may be subject to a fine, removal from the premises, or arrest.

Once again, look for the signs on the outside of the cemetery.

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