Okay, even if you're a tough man from Texas you might want to grab a tissue for this one. As KHOU 11 is reporting that an 8-year-old by from Texas was allowed to fulfil a bucket list item as he jumped out of a plane to try skydiving!

Paxton Idell was first diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2021 when he was just 5 years old. He has some amazing parents that have been supporting him every step of his journey. But Paxton isn't scared of anything even cancer, which is why one of his biggest wishes was to experience the feeling of jumping out of a plane to try skydiving.

Skydiving Texas

The problem with this adventurous experience is that in the United States you're required to be 18 years old. So, while there were some hurtles in the way there was nothing that was going to stop Paxton from his dream.

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The Jump Was Beyond Incredible

Paxton and his family was able to navigate the legal journey to make the skydiving adventure happen. Because Paxton was a first time jumper he was assisted by tandem skydiving instructor, Noah Watts from Castroville, Texas. Paxton wasn't the only one to go skydiving as his father Kristian made the jump too.

This is Where You Need the Tissues

Having a child going through terminal cancer would be so incredibly difficult but Kristian and Amanda Idell are doing everything possible to support young Paxton. Amanda said, "Honestly, whatever happens, it's a privilege to be his mom."

Now is the time to go hug your kids and be thankful that your family is happy and healthy. Paxton we are wishing nothing but the best for you, you're move brave than we will ever be.

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