Texas is just like everywhere else in the country right now, it’s difficult to pay all your bills and still try to save some money for later. Inflation has been kicking everyone in the country right in the wallet and it’s making people try to be more cautious of their spending. And that includes not tipping as much anymore. 

No Tipping

I think we can all agree that tipping has gotten out of control in the past few years. What used to be about rewarding great customer service has now turned into an expectation to leave a few dollars even when employees put little to zero effort into any customer service whatsoever. Which is why it’s causing some Texans so say, enough, I am not tipping everywhere we go anymore. 

Where are People Not Tipping Anymore? 

Tipping at times can almost feel like peer pressure as an employee flips a tablet your way asking if you want to leave 10%, 15%, 20% or more. It’s great to hear that more people are standing up to the increased amount of tipping we have seen lately, although I would still encourage you to tip those employees that do go above and beyond to give you great service. 

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Don’t Feel Like You Need to Tip Here Anymore 

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