We know that in Texas people love to eat, especially with all the delicious food and treats served in the Lone Star State. But as much as it pains me to say this, I cannot eat like I used to in my 20s. Back in the day I never worried about what I ate or how much I ate because my body would be fine consuming anything. But now as I am older, I have to be more careful that way my body doesn’t hate me for a few days. When consuming too much food it can put extra stress on your body, which is exactly the case when you’re trying one of the food challenges near Dallas. 

Dallas Food Challenge

There is no doubt about it, there are some fantastic food options in Dallas, Texas. But you must do something to stand out from the competition. The restaurants listed below have found a way to stick out and that is by making massive amounts of food or dessert. Yes, there is one food challenge listed below that is for the ice cream fanatic in your life, but again, they better be hungry if they think they can take down this gigantic dessert. 

Be Careful Doing Eating Challenges 

While people are making these food challenges look easy on social media, these are not easy. Just be careful if you’re planning on attempting a food challenge. Remember to listen to your body, if you need to quit, it’s okay. 

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