If you go to the Texas Lottery website, you will find a 'Scratch Tickets' link on the top toolbar. Click on that and one of your choices will be the 'Current Games List'.

On this page, you can also see a list of all the current scratch-off games and you can find out how many of the top-tier prizes of each game have been won.

Let's Talk About Math

I'm somewhat of a math and statistics nerd, so I think it's fun to dive down into the numbers given by the Texas Lottery to see which tickets are overdue to pay out some big jackpots.

Three Texas Lottery scratch-off games that look to be ready to pay out millions

Million Dollar Loteria

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

This $20 game was introduced on April 15, 2024. It has been in circulation for about two months and NOBODY has claimed any of the ten $1 million jackpots.

A quick look at the payouts of the other prizes tells us that approximately 12-15% of this game's cards have been purchased, but still no top winner.

If I have $20 to blow on a lottery ticket, this would definitely be my first choice

$1,000,000 Cash Blast

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

This game has been around since early December. This game has been in circulation for six months and NOBODY has won any of the four $1 million jackpots.

Nearly 40% of this game's tickets have been bought, but still no top winner.

200X Power Blitz

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

Here's another $20 game that's overdue to get at least one jackpot winner. 200X Power Blitz was introduced on January 2. The game features 4 top prizes of $1 million. So far, NOBODY has revealed the winning numbers for the jackpot.

Around 35% of this game's cards have been purchased.

Today is Thursday, June 20. I'm going to predict that at least one of these games will have a $1 million winner before the end of the month.

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