I'd hang my hat on the fact that many Texans' first thought when they see a creepy-looking bug, is to lay down the law with a quick aggressive stomp. But did you know that you could be squashing an insect that is beneficial to the Texas landscape?

If you're like me, you're not a fan of creepy-looking bugs that look like they are about to take your soul. In fact, I know that anytime I see a spider my blood pressure skyrockets and I become a martial arts expert. It's quite a sight to see. I hate spiders.


But, even though some insects look like they are about to take you out, many including spiders, centipedes, and beetles, are not only harmless but have a huge benefit to Texans.

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Insects That Are Beneficial To Texas

Just remember that while some of these insects can put the fear of God in you, they are harmless and will benefit your garden or landscaping areas. Also remember that when you use pesticides, you are not only getting rid of the bad insects but also choking out the good insects.

You've probably seen many insects on this list in your garden as Spring covers the state of Texas.

Insects That Are Beneficial Found in Texas

You don't want to kill all insects found in Texas some are beneficial, here is the insects that can be helpful.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

If you encounter any of these insects while you are doing your yard work, just let the little sucker go on its way and know that it can be very helpful.

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