A Texas man was arrested and is now facing charges after graphic footage showed him plowing over bicyclists near the DFW Airport.

In the footage posted by Aurora on X (formerly Twitter), you see several bike riders enjoying some wind therapy while cruising near the DFW Airport when two cars approach them from behind. As one car passes, the other vehicle is seen slamming into two of the bike riders.

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As the user explains, the driver of the vehicle did not stop to render aid and left the scene. He was eventually chased down by onlookers and then arrested by police.

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How in the wide world of sports does a person not see a bunch of bike riders on the road? Then after hitting, then running over a person, doesn't stop to help?

It's so insane to me that people are not looking out for others on the road. I know with advanced technology more and more people are distracted as they commute on the busy Texas roads. That is only part of the problem.

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As drivers, it is our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings and to practice safe driving habits. Sadly, too many people are injured or worse, being killed on the roads simply because of someone else's mistake.

We must do better.

These days it's even more important to share the road and to remember to always look twice. Those few seconds you take to do that could save someone's life.

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